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PCL Foundation has a rich legacy of writing and producing cutting edge environmental publications that enable individuals and organizations to make use of California's environmental laws, environmental institutions, and newest research in their efforts to protect the environment.

Available publications are shown below. You can order through our online store, or by filling out an order form and mailing it to:

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Online Purchasing

Our online checkout system is temporarily down; if you would like to purchase something, please email Meredith Mitchell at MMitchell@pcl.org or at (916) 822-5636 with your name, phone number, and email so we can follow up to let you know when our checkout system is working again. Alternatively, you can download our Publications Order Form and return it by email, fax, or mail.

Publications Catalog

8 Affordable Water Solutions for California
This Plan offers eight strategies to tackle California's water crisis that will save and supply water, create jobs, and improve our environment without busting the budget. (1.2MB PDF file)

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California Park Bonds Analysis
detailed examination of the three largest parks-related local assistance programs funded by Proposition 12.



CA State Parks Official Map
Map that features all 267 of California’s state park and recreation areas.



Central Valley Grassroots Guide
A resource guide for Central Valley community-level organizations working on open space and land use issues.



Citizens Guide to the General Plan
Guide that focuses on citizen involvement in the general plan process.



Community Guide to CEQA (2007)
This publication explains CEQA's procedural and substantive provisions for the general public with an emphasis on global warming. This Guide now includes 2009 updates which focus on new legislation and case law impacting CEQA.



Updates to Community Guide to CEQA (2009)
This update was released in 2009 to incorporate new environmental bills that focus on climate change and impact CEQA. Updates also include many references with new and relevant case law.



El Acto Californiano de Calidad Medioambiental (2002)
Este documento explica los procedimientos y provisiones substantivos de CEQA para el publico.



Community Guide to CEQA (2002)
This publication explains CEQA's procedural and substantive provisions for the general public.



Everyday Heroes
Showcases the achievements of a cornerstone thirty-five year law, the California Environmental Quality Act.



Guide to Local Growth Control Initiatives
This guide illustrates how to participate in your community's political arena using the initiative process as a tool to protect the environment.



Investment Strategy for California Water
Identifies the most cost-effective, environmentally beneficial and socially acceptable water management strategies.

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Local Climate Action Initiative Toolkit
A how-to manual for community organizations that want to lower the carbon footprint of new growth in their area.

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Making Your Will
An overview on controlling the disposition of your assets.



Merging Currents: Transportation and Water Quality
This publication provides information on procuring federal transportation funding for water quality enhancement projects in your community.



On Good Land
The story of one man's fight to preserve a piece of what was once the richest farmland in the world.



On the Edge: Protecting California's Fish and Waterfowl from Global Warming
Describes the impacts of global warming on California’s fish and waterfowl.

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Ranger Rick® Subscription
Lead school-age kids to wild discoveries and mind-stretching fun! From ocean floors to mountain tops, from Arctic ice flows to tropical jungles, Ranger Rick® draws kids to eager, active learning...about animals, nature, ecology, science mysteries and more. This publication is available through our partner organization National Wildlife Federation.

10 issues for $19.95

Sierra Nevada Grassroots Directory

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PCLfoundation.org Web Site>>


Smart Growth and Affordable Housing
A guide that demonstrates how well-designed affordable housing can strengthen communities and promote sustainability.



2009 Symposium DVD 4 Pack (MCLE)
This DVD is a recording from the 2009 PCL & PCLF Symposium. Attorneys can earn 4.75 MCLE credits through this DVD packet focusing on California wildfire & CEQA, water privatization and conservation and land use agreements. It also includes an opening and closing keynote address.



2009 Symposium DVD – Opening & Closing Keynotes
This DVD is a recording from the 2009 PCL & PCLF Symposium. Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg focused his presentation on green jobs, the economy and state budget during his morning address. In the afternoon, Jakada Imani addressed the audience with information about green jobs and spending the Obama Administration’s stimulus package wisely in California.



2009 Symposium DVD – California Wildfire & CEQA
This DVD is a recording from the 2009 PCL & PCLF Symposium. Four panelists discuss the importance of planning, environmental review and preparation for wildland fires in and around our growing communities.



2009 Symposium DVD – The Brave New Water Economy
This DVD is a recording from the 2009 PCL & PCLF Symposium. This panel focused on water privatization issues in California, such as the McCloud River, Monterey Amendments and the Kern Water Bank.


2009 Symposium DVD – Conservation & Land Use Agreements
This DVD is a recording from the 2009 PCL & PCLF Symposium. Three panelists describe the effort to preserve 90% of the historic Tejon Ranch through a conservation and land use agreement.



Tax Credits for Land Conservation: A Users Guide
A guide on how to make use of landmark legislation to preserve land and water for future generations.



The Thousand-Mile Summer
One man’s journey, walking the length of California.



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