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PCLF Events and Workshops

Each year, PCL and PCLF host an annual environmental conference in Sacramento that brings together hundreds of activists, attorneys, policy leaders and decision makers. Our events features policy sessions focusing on PCL’s legislative work, “How To…” sessions teaching organizations news skills and relevant MCLE sessions available to attorneys for legal credit.

Since 2007 PCLF has been hosting two sets of community workshops throughout the state. The first workshop series began in November 2007 and focuses on the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). We published a full color, user friendly Community Guide to CEQA with a special focus on global warming in the fall of 2007. Since then our partnerships with environmental attorneys and community organizations has allowed us to host a dozen day-long workshops based upon the Guide in communities as diverse as San Pedro, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo and Stockton.

The second workshop series supports our Local Climate Action Initiative (LCAI). The workshops are based upon our LCAI Toolkit, which provides community members, decision makers, and the public with policy tools and organizing strategies that can be used to cut the carbon footprint of new developments in California. By explaining how communities have updated General Plans, evaluated greenhouse gas emissions in CEQA, adopted green building standards, improved regional transportation plans and supported proposed state legislation, our Toolkit and accompanying workshop series has empowered individuals to launch and join local carbon cutting campaigns across the state.


UCLA Symposium
October 10, 2015
California 2030:
Local Actions for a Global Impact

2016 will be a critical year for global climate action.

How can we create great cities that are both carbon neutral and a joy to live in? What investments are most important to shape this future? How do we fund these investments?

Join the Planning and Conservation League on October 10, 2015 at UCLA School of Law to explore the changes California needs to make in order to meet the climate challenge.

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