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The Community Guide to CEQA

In March 1997, PCLF first produced the Community Guide to CEQA, and it was later revised in 2002. Since then, there have been statutory changes and legal decisions that made the Guide outdated. In 2007, the user-friendly Guide was completely revised, produced in full color, and includes a layout that allows for easy page/section revisions. Additionally, the Guide’s author, Bill Yeates, has incorporated specifics on global warming, water assessment and water supply as they relate to CEQA.

The Revised Community Guide to CEQA
PCLF is in the process of updating its Community Guide to CEQA. Please check back in late 2015 to order the latest Community Guide. Please contact Meredith Mitchell with inquiries about CEQA Workshops or the Community Guide.

About the Author
J. William Yeates is an attorney specializing in environmental law, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Planning and Conservation League.

The PCL Foundation wants to thank and acknowledge J. William Yeates for his dedication to environmental protection, for his commitment and skill as both a litigator and negotiator, and above all for his continuing willingness to update and improve this Community Guide to the California Environmental Quality Act, and to help train CEQA activists, throughout California, as part of PCLF's CEQA workshop program.

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